Fascination with Horror


So I saw a promo for the new "episode" of Hulu's "Into the Dark" which made me think of a film that I'm actually intrigued to see - "Hide and Seek" *correction the movie is called "Ready or Not"* in which a family has a tradition of playing a game the night that someone joins the family through marriage. The bride in the movie just so happens to pick the "worst" game available, Hide and Seek. She has to survive the night while the rest of the family hunts her down.

Anyway, my point: why is the horror genre such a popular genre? It's obviously not just me (and I very much have my limits) otherwise there wouldn't be 30 versions of Halloween or 200 versions of Saw. Wouldn't we naturally be appalled by horror? It shows humanity (or nature, thinking of "Zombeavers" which I refuse to watch) at it's absolute most frightening and horrendous. Sometimes it's disgusting, sometimes it's just terrorizing. But why? Is it the adrenaline surge? Is it the taboo? What is it saying about us culturally? Where does it stem from? Do you think it's a healthy coping mechanism for societal issues beyond our individual control (greed, capitalism, disease, poverty, etc.)? Or is it "desensitizing" us and making us less willing to do something because it "can always be worse"? Somewhere in between?