Am I out?

So 3 days before my period I had brown spotting when I would wipe. I got nauseous that day but no other symptoms other than usually before my period I get major pms and am pretty snippy and I’ve been in a great mood lol. We’ll ever since the past 3 days I’ve just had light spotting. It’s become more pinkish dark brown... but not red and very light only when I wipe and not in my underwear I put a tampon in each day thinking it was just my period but after a whole night the tampon is still pretty white just with some spots. (We even had sex last night and only a little brown even with all of .... you know what mixed in) so my period is officially supposed to start today and nothing yet. I took a clear blue line test 4 days ago and a digital 2 days ago but both negative. Am I out? Or has this happens to anyone else?