Going back to the ex?


So I've had a FWB with a guy that could not have been in a relationship with me. After 2 days in a relationship he told me and we agreed on breaking up.

We really liked each other, so we stayed friends with benefits. But we kind of met each other random or for sex. Nothing else. I was getting angry at the situation but couldn't tell him. I was really scared of him rejecting me if I called him out, on top of that we wouldn't have a place to stay in my city (I live with my parents).

I was not able to stop liking him, even though I tried many times. Then a guy appeared in front of me. We were not really in an official relationship but we slept with each other, went to movies, I even went to another city for two days with him for a university testing. But this guy left to his country to visit his parents for a month and kept posting photos full of heart emojis with a girl from there. I ignored it, thought it would be a family member or someone like that. But then they posted a love messages on each other's wall on Facebook. I texted him and he kept his replies short, took time for him to respond (1 message a day) even though his love messages were more frequent then his responses to me.

So I blocked the guy. I feel humiliated and kind of really want someone to tell me it's gonna be okay. I know the ex-FWB wouldn't have a problem taking me back but I don't want to hurt him again. I would like to go back to him but at the same time I feel like that would be shitty and unfair. He might act differently than in the past cause he told me, when I left him, how much he liked me. But if he didn't, I would leave again and hurt him more.

Do you think I should try? (For you to understand: I'm 18, first guy 25, second 23 <- the ages are legal here though - I'm from Europe).