Should we get back? (Long not long post lol)

Hi there. So me and my boyfriend of almost 3 years broke up recently. We never really had any major problems of cheating or anything else. But we did argue a lot for little things. The reason why he broke up with me it’s because he said he felt not himself lately and that he was feeling kind of depressed and needed his own time. Totally understandable since this has happened to him before. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t just stay with me and let me help him like last time but I thought maybe this time he needs more time to find himself. Now 2 weeks later he says he made a mistake and that he’s realized that I was the only good thing in his life and that he needs me. Totally makes my heart explode because I still love him a lot. The thing is that lately I’ve been feeling good? I’ve been hanging out with my friends and having a good time and I’ve actually felt quite better than I have in a long time. He tells me it hurts him to see me doing so well while he’s stuck and he’s afraid I’m going to move on. I’ve told him I can’t move on specially now and I don’t want anyone else. I just didn’t know I needed this time alone to explore myself also. I think I’m not ready to get back with him because he’s done nothing to try things out of us after the breakup. Of course he misses me and wants me back, but he was still feeling like he needed time alone while he was with me and now that he has that time alone he hasn’t done anything to get out there and discover himself. And I feel like I want him to do that first before we can get back, so he can see life out of our relationship also. Idk if that makes sense. Do you guys think we should just get back and figure it out together or if we should just keep going how we are now and wait to see if he starts exploring things he likes outside of me?