Could I be PREGONATE???


Hi! So recently, I let my boyfriend have sex with me for a little bit without a condom but then we switched to a condom after just a little bit. (We totally knew the risk of pregnancy and we’ve already discussed what we should do if I ever get pregnant) (this happened twice, the first time being about a week ago and the second being very recent). Today, I’ve been experiencing a little bit of cramping in my uterus that feels like an early period cramp but I just finished my period around the time we did this. I am also having a lot of white discharge coming out very frequently. I’ve noticed it happening at least twice in the last hour. Other than that, I’ve been getting headaches during the day that don’t go away. I’m no pregnancy expert so I don’t really know what this means at all. Can anyone give some advice? I’m probably gonna take a text in a week or so if this keeps up. Thanks in advance!

(Title is a reference to that funny video of the guy reading peoples horrible spelling of the word pregnant)