**UPDaTE**need prayers please


My neighbor (and good friend) her daughter is being rushed to a women’s and children’s hospital for an emergency c section, because our local hospital tried to kill them. She is 38 weeks pregnant BUT her daughter was measuring in the 18th percent until 36 weeks when she dropped to the 8th percentile and baby was only about 3lbs, now she’s 38 weeks and baby is in the 4th percentile and only 1.5 lbs. our hospital thought nothing was wrong with that like what the hell. She has gestational diabetes as well and this is her first pregnancy and now she’s facing the worst thing possible. The womens and children’s hospital is really great with an awesome nicu but they can still use all the prayers possible

At 303 am her daughter gave birth and by the grace of god the baby is 5lbs and doing okay. Our local hospital is always known for not properly taking care of patients and causing problems (which is why I drive 45 mins to see another dr for my appts) but at least everyone is okay.

And I know our hospital doesn’t care when my daughter was 6 days old she completely stopped breathing for over 2 mins and they told me it’s normal and sent me home.

So I hope she continues to be okay and is able to come home soon.