Should i even bother telling my landlord

Isabel • Anything can happen

Hi so this really has nothing to do with children but in a way it does and i need advice because idk what else to do... okay so about 2-3months ago i stared to notice house roaches in my apartment. Ive been living here for 3 years and i live above one lot of parking spaces available for other tenants. The tenant that lives below us next to the parking spaces collects cardboard and metal and shit like that. I believe the reason why we started getting roaches is because of them they bring in a bunch and i mean a bunch of cardboard and old shit like old stoves and even public phone stands!!! that ive seen them bring and who knows where they get all that stuff from. I hate to even speak this way about people theyre nice but i think thats the reason we have them. The whole time we've lived here we never had them and its geting to the point where i come in to my kitchen at night and they're there running around and its nasty because i have children and my daughter just turned one and sticks everything in her mouth...idk if ishould tell the landlord since they never really check and also they had told us we wernt allowed to keep stuff like that outside our apartments it gives it a bad look to the entire building anyways. What should I do? Should i just find a solution to get rid of them myself??

Im not a dirty person despite mykids always making a mess im constantly cleaning and making sure everything is put away neatly before bed. Anyways help and any advice is greatly appreciated

Sorry for buggin with such off topic convo?!

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