He won’t text back 😞

So ladies the other night I was with this guy hung out and you know things got intense touching and all that he basically fingered new and I hadn’t had any action in a while so I was like ready ya know turns out he doesn’t have any condoms so he’s like I can’t tonight in my head I’m like no just do it because I was in the moment but he said no so I was okay with it. He basically said tomorrow I’ll go get some and come over. And I was fine with that. Mind you I’m not looking for a relationship I’m just basically looking for friends with benefits type of thing. So now I texted him the next day and he hasn’t replied. I mean should I just ask him like what his problem is or just let it go and find someone else. In my head im thinking he’s just not into me and is basically cutting me off. We’ve known each other for years and this was the first time things got sexual. Help I mean I don’t want to lose him as a friend.