Picking up after kids

My boyfriend has 5 kids from his first marriage. One lives with us, and two spend their time pretty evenly 50/50 with us and their mom. The kids are 11, 9 and 3. My boyfriend does not discipline his kids one bit. We will leave for work and a couple hours later they grandma will pick them up. When we get home at 11 all the lights, tv and acs will be on. So from 1 in the afternoon to 11 o’clock at nite all that will be on. And it drives me insane. I yell at the kids, And ground them but their dad does not. And it keeps happening. Like right now I’m in the room cuddling with my son who is asleep, and won’t sleep unless he can feel someone next

To him and iv been listening to the tv in the living room for over an hour. Like how hard is it to turn off a tv if you know your leaving. If my boyfriend comes home he is gonna be mad at me for not getting up and turning it off. But I don’t see how this is my problem. This was more of a rant but if anyone wants to comment something. I’ll hear any advice, opinions, similar stories, hate comments.