Am I crazy?

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Hey ladies

I’m wanting some opinions or shared experiences

About a week ago I started itching as if I had poison ivy in several places but no rash or bumps. My scratching did develop some damage that kinda looks like a rash but it’s not.

Wrists, forearms, shin area, thighs, belly and even face.

Well what do I do? Predictably, I look it up. “Itching all over body no rash pregnancy”

Cholestasis immediately pops up everywhere but I didn’t think anything of it since I didn’t have any other symptoms.

But still, I even text my husband

“I know this is extreme but could this itching thing be cholestasis?”

He replies “maybe but very unlikely”

So I shake it off.

He’s’s unlikely.

UNTIL yesterday I notice that my stool is way lighter than it normally is. I remembered seeing that as a listed symptom.

So now I have these two very different and very random symptoms that both are listed as a possibility that this could be cholestasis...

I’m NO hypochondriac either but my poo is like the color of my skin (granted...I am tan)

I get back on “dr google” and sure enough I’m bombarded with ICP when I look up light colored stool in pregnancy

I called my doc and “the rude nurse” answers (that’s what we call her) and she just seems uneducated and says she’s never heard of the stool thing being relative to it and that for my itching I could probably just take Benadryl....

I’m like....whatever lady. Dr. Google even knows more than you.

Sooo am I crazy? Is it a coincidence that I have both these weird things?

I immediately became that annoying patient that every clinic hates and demanded a bile acid and liver enzyme test. I got that done today.

It should come back within 3-5 days.

I am curious what any of you think, who have experience with this!