Fibroid and ivf


So we have one little frozen embryo that made it and we’re supposed to have our transfer in sept with my next cycle. My

Office requires hsg within 6 months and mine is right at that point so I asked to do the saline u/s and “mock transfer” (they always do before the actual one).

We found out I have a fibroid protruding into my uterus essentially blocking part of it.

I had no clue what to think, my dr said we’ll do a hysteroscopy and that’ll make the decision weather to remove it or not.

She said if we remove, then wait another month for transfer but if we don’t remove it , I can continue with my transfer 2 weeks later.

Does this seem right???, I’m terrified the procedure is going to cause issues with the embryo implanting and this is our only shot.

Anyone else have fibroids and do <a href="">IVF</a>??