Paternal Issue ..šŸ˜©

Period is usually on a normal cycle, 26-28 days. Menstrual last up to 5 days. Period came on July 21 and ended on the 24. Had sex with guy #1 on the 26 and guy #2 on the 3rd of August, both unprotected n pull out method. Found out I was pregnant on the 16th of August in the hospital. Hcg level measuring at 27. My fertile window was around time of guy #2. Would that person be the most accurate?

Edit: I had sex again with guy #1 on the 7th of August.

FYI, my period was expected to come in a few days.

We all make mistakes and I have no issue identifying where I screwed up. Please leave negative comments to yourself. Iā€™m sure I gave myself the same advice šŸ™‚