Need bedsharing options! NOTHING HATEFUL PLEASE!


Me again... anyone have any tips for a 4month old that has decided they already know how to roll from belly to back and back to belly? She’s been sleeping in bed with us during this horrendous growth spurt and back to wanting to nurse every hour - 2 hours so she’s been in bed with us to keep me from going absolutely insane with only 4 hours of sleep plus working part time - full time depending on the week. She decided 3am was a good time to learn how to roll right off the bed so we’re looking into getting mesh rails for our bed to keep it from happening again. NO HATE PLEASE! WEVE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE! I wish so much that she’d sleep in her crib all night but she’ll stay there until she wakes up to eat at about 2am and then refuses to sleep unless she’s in bed with me. So I just need recommendations for brands of mesh rails or if there is another option I’d be open to it. Our bed is not big enough to put her in a doc-a-tot in the middle and my fiancé sleeps too hard to just put her between us so my only option is her sleeping next to me on the outside of the bed. Or kicking daddy to the couch, which I hate because he works 12 hours a day and I can’t imagine it’s comfy! Help!