TMI!! I hate pregnancy! 😂😅

So tonight my 1.5 year old son went to his gparents and me and my husband had some alone time for the first time in a while. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and havent had any symptoms so far. Well, as soon as we drop my son off I immediately feel like I'm gonna 💩💩 my pants, and bad. We rush home and I'm in the bathroom for 2 hours. I finally decide I feel better and we decide to go out, i was fine until the very end when i had to run off to the bathroom. We get home and we are munching on some late night snacks when all of a sudden I'm puking! Out of no where! I sprinted to the sink and just let loose right in front of him!! Then I stopped long enough and ran to the bathroom, he followed me to see if I was okay and he got to watch me, still standing 2 feet over the bowl, projectile vomiting into it so hard that the gross water came up and showered my face with it... so that was my great date night without my kid for the first time in forever 😂🙄 thanks 2nd baby, sooo much