Finally lost my virginity


Background story: So my cousin best friend let call him Ben is 16 and I'm 15 he always has like me ever since he was 8 and I was 7. I just moved this weekend so he was helping unpack my stuff. This wasent plan. Im on the pill too bc of my period.

So it was like around 4pm when we actually finish my room and nobody was home so he ask if he could stay for a bit so I said yeah sure so he started watching Netflix and I was listening to music. I stand up to get my charger and he gets up and leans down and kisses me and me being 5.3 and him being 5.11 I had to go in my tippy toes thing is that I actually started having some feelings for him. So he pulls back and says i been waiting to do that for a while and I smile so he comes and kisses me again and grabs me by the waist and carries me to my bed and throws me and I start getting kinda anxious bc I know what gonna happen I want it to happen. So he starts leaving trails of kisses down my chest and stops at my breast and ask me if he could continue I said yeah so then he takes my shirt off and my bra and start suking on my Boob and damn that shit feels good so I took his shirt off and started unblucking his belt and pants and his breath started shorting and I start laughting I come and trace my hand down his abs and down to his dick and when i saw that shit I started moaning bc it was like an 8 inch so I come and move over so I'm on top of him and I turn arou d and sit on his face he start so finger me and eats me out I came like 4 times so I bend over and start massaging his balls and sucking his dick and bobbing my head after a while I notice that he wasent doing anything to me any more he was just saying moaning and groaning saying mami fuck dont stop then I felt his dick throabing in my mouth and he came all inside my mouth then he throws me on my back on the bed and says my turn and I'm over here grinning. He puts the condom on and starts teasing me with his dick on my vagina and I starting cussing cause I dont like to be tease so he come and puts it inside me and at first it hurt but then after him thrusting out of me like 6 times I started moving with him and soon my pleasure took place then I started saying harder daddy and he was fucking me like an animal then I came like 3 times but every time he came he would pull out even with the condom then he turn around so i could ride him and I'm telling you there is no other pleasure that your man rolling his eyes and head back grabbing your waist and just pulling down on him after 4 rounds that lasted about 4 hours we stop bc he had to leave bc my parent t were going to come in an hour. so we both lost it at the same time and right now I'm just looking forward to 1pm bc he is coming over.