Baby sleeping arrangement/nursery


Hi ya'll!

Sorry in advance for the crazy long post which may be rambling. But I appreciate any advice/help!

So I'm almost 27 weeks pregnant and I've been stressing about the sleeping situation for my baby boy. We plan on getting a crib and his nursery all set up before birth. However, I feel very strongly about having him sleep in our room for the first year. During that time I do plan on transitioning him to crib for naps and then after a year he'll go to crib full time. I'm so worried about SIDS and what seems like eight million things that could go wrong with sleep. So we bought a bassinet for our room that I loved. It has music and rocking function but also has a lock function to prevent rocking. The bassinet has a firm mattress and I thought it was safe. I have no plan for any blankets, pads, toys, or anything else. I also plan to put him to sleep with a pacifier. I've done research that this can help prevent SIDS. Apparently sleeping in the same room is the safer option too. Recently a pregnant friend of mine asked if our bassinet has breathable sides/all around. It does not. It's fabric although not padded/squishy and now I'm FREAKING OUT. But I've also seen many bassinets being used/for sale that aren't completely breathable. I really don't want to spend more money on another bassinet so I thought we could use the pack and play that we plan on getting anyway. I'm just not sure what to do. If anyone wants to share what they have done/plan on doing I'd appreciate it! Also I'm kind of obsessed with nurseries right now so if you have pictures I'd love to see them!