Boyfriend not taking care of our home or himself

To start, he’s not depressed. We’ve lived together for three years now but I’m getting fed up with this...

I’m always the one who does the cleaning, he thinks he’s almighty I guess because he works more than me. All he does is take the trash out sometimes and does the dishes rarely. Otherwise it’s all me. Including taking care of our cat. If I’m gone for a weekend he won’t do ANYTHING except feed our cat but her litter box will be full. The kitchen will be a gross mess. I’ve been asking him to clean the ceiling fan for months now because it’s absolutely disgusting (I’m short and can’t reach even with something to stand on) and he won’t do it. There’s these little ant things that keep popping up in the kitchen and bathroom and the only thing he does about it is just wipes them away, while I wipe them away, do the deep cleaning and bug spraying. I’ve tried talking to him about all this, nothing changes. He will sometimes be like “no hunny I’ll do the dishes, go sit down” and thinks he deserves like a trophy. Am I wrong to want some more help?

He’s also been not keeping up with his own cleanliness. I don’t see him in the morning (he wakes up before me and goes to work) so I don’t know if he’s brushing his teeth in the morning but he never does before bed. His breath always smells. If I’m close to him and smell it I will straight up tell him to go brush, and he will but only because I told him to. He’s good about taking showers but he re-wears used clothes and leaves his smelly socks in the living room and throws his used clothes all over the bedroom.

What do I do? Throw an absolute fit? because just talking to him is NOT working