Am I being crazy? Hunters wife

J.A. 🤰with 1st, my 🌈👶

So my husband is an avid hunter, and when our baby is 1.5 months old he plans to leave for Nebraska for a week to go deer hunting. (We live In Michigan so Nebraska is quite far.)

We keep fighting about it and I’m saying you can’t just go leave me a full week with a newborn for a hunting trip, you can skip it this year. And he thinks I’m crazy and fully capable of taking care of our baby when he’s away.

I know there are single moms out there so I’m SURE I’ll be fine but is this really fair? I’m super chill and pretty much let him do whatever and this is the first time I’m telling him he shouldn’t be leaving when she’s so young. And he’s not having it. I honestly think he already booked everything.

So am I being overly dramatic? This is our first baby so I really don’t know what to expect. Should I just let him travel and leave us for a week?

I’m just curious on anyone else’s thoughts or other HUNTERS wives who have delt with this.