Sex Academy (Part 8 - In the Stocks)


It's still very early, so no one is up to see our naked bodies being taken away to who knows where. The security guards take us back down the stairs, through the parks and common rooms, clearly hoping for spectators to view our predicament. Bare and restrained and helpless. Many people would fuck themselves to us.

I'm almost thankful when we climb the staircases past the dorms and to the headmaster's office. All of our rooms and the main offices are in one grand building, while the classes are spread out across campus. It could be mistaken for a manor, if it wasn't for the large iron gates barring out passerby.

We arrive in front of a set of large wooden doors. One of the guards bangs the knocker sharply.

A man's voice calls, "Come in." We enter. The doors give way to a large carpeted room with a desk at the far end. The man, the headmaster, stands to greet us. "So these are our intruders. State your names."

We tell him our names.

"As I've already been given an account of your behavior, we will be taking you straight to the stocks. However, as we are not inhumane, we will allow you to eat and use the restroom before we leave."

"The stocks?" I ask, and next to me, I see Audrey look distraught.

"A restraining device used for the punishment of misdeeds. Quite controversial, as people think they're humiliating, but this is the Sex Academy! Sexual humiliation is half of our appeal."

I'm very curious to know what the stocks are. If only I didn't have to find out by being in them.

"It's quite a technological marvel, you see, as it prevents injury and abuse while allowing for the offenders'...punishment." His eyes glint. "Instead of me wasting time explaining, why don't we take them right there?"

They do remember their promise to feed us and let us use the bathroom before we're taken away. I'm glad they uncuffed us as my blood circulation was being cut off.

They bring us to the courtyard, with trees filtering out the light, making the space look much more muted.

The headmaster is watching me for my reaction.

"What's there to see here?" I ask.

"Don't you see?" He replies.

And then I see them. What I thought were just wooden posts have chains attached to them. I'm not sure how they'll be used. Are we going to be chained to the poles?

He directs us to a nearby tree that has a panel attached to it. He punches in a passcode.

"In order to prevent people from trying to hack into the stocks and use them for their own purposes, we simply affix a paper describing the misdeeds that those in the stocks have committed. Usually those are much more entertaining than messing around with buttons."

He then enters a command. Right in between four of the poles, there's a small platform emerging from the ground. It's a long metal tube with a flat oval top.

"That," He says to us, "is where you'll be until sundown."

I am still confused about what they are doing to us when the guards drag us over. "Do you want them on their stomachs or backs?" One asks.

"Keep them on their backs," the headmaster says, "I'll keep the platform low so people can get a good look."

People are beginning to show up to eat breakfast outside and kill time before class. Word travels fast because people are starting to pour in to see us displayed.

The guards take Audrey away and bring me to the platform in the middle of the four wooden poles. They instruct me to lay my back down. I can't see anything except for the trees and the sky, but I know they are getting a good look at my pussy. It is very uncomfortable to be splayed out naked in front of these men. The guards take the chains attached to each of the poles and attach one to each limb. Right now, the chains are slack, and not holding me back. They tightly tie a ball gag around my mouth and lock a chastity belt to my pussy. They even strap on a breast restraint. All right, no sex or masturbation for twelve hours. You can do this. Just when I think that this won't be too bad, the platform starts moving up.

I'm being lifted off the ground 15 feet with my arms and legs chained to poles, spreading me open into a starfish position. I'm completely helpless, my chest and head being pulled back by gravity and my back arched. I can hear the other students laughing and talking beneath me.

The noise of the crowd swells, but I can immediately tell why. Oh god, are those the senior boys? Will they ever stop tormenting me? I see the treetops shake as they climb the trees, setting up that same camera that filmed the longest period of edging I've ever done in my life. They were just controlling me two nights ago! Some of them are climbing the trees, trying to get a better look at our restrained bodies. One of them was trying to scale the tree with the control panel, but gives up, and instead reads the paper to the eager crowd.

He yells our names out. " 'They entered the roof without permit and appeared to have had loud intercourse on the roof of the Academy, disturbing residents.' Ooh, they fucked on the roof!" He crows. "To be disciplined by display in the stocks." The crowd hoots and hollers. "Who wants to get a better look?"

The crowd screams it's approval. I hear the clank of bodies scaling the poles that are supporting our backs. They reach Audrey before me, and I hear her muffled cries, but I can't see what they're doing to her. I furiously tug at my chains and try to scream, but the ball gag is tied too tight.

Someone reaches the top of my pole and climbs over me onto my stomach, their hard dick pressing into me. Because my head is hanging back, I can't see who it is until I hear their voice.

“Well,” He starts, “If it isn’t our little escapee.”

Of course. It’s the leader of the senior boys. He could do almost anything to me right now and the headmaster would allow it. After all, this humiliation is Audrey’s and my punishment for making loud, passionate love on the roof.

He takes one hand and wraps it around the back of my neck, forcing my head up to look at him.

“I really wanted to take your virginity.” he growls. “But you went and fucked Audrey first. If you don’t remember, I own you, sex slave. And I always get what I want.”

Reaching into his back pocket and pulls out a knife. He dangles it in front of my face. He takes the tip of the knife and gently traces it over my face and chest. With a quick slicing motion, before I have time to scream, he’s cut off my chastity belts.