Baby will not sleep


So my daughter is almost 2 months , when she was born she used to stay up all night crying and during the day she sleeps all day long , now thankfully 😂 she trained herself out of nowhere for a week now to sleep at night but when she's fully up and now we need to start our day she just wants me to hold her if she fell asleep the minute i put her down in her bed she wakes up and starts to cry , I literally can not do anything when she's awake ! My day starts at 12 AM when she's finally asleep ! And i can barely take a shower tidy up a little bit then i'll fall asleep !! , would someone please help me !! , how can i make her take a nap during the day without messing up her night sleep !

And is it ok if i showered her everyday ? I usually give her a bath every 2 to 3 days , with my mom's help cuz my baby is so tiny 😂💔