I need y’all advice of my EX!


Okay so my ex bf has moved on already in less then 2 months as I said on my last post . Yesterday I texted him that I needed him to sign some papers so I can change the internet bill to his name since his internet from home is under my name . But then i found out he was with someone else and I really didn’t feel like seeing him so when he replied that he was off Saturday I realize I didn’t want to see him yet cause idk finding out he is with someone else made me feel some type of way💔🤬 But anyways my emotions, feelings took over and I texted him that how was it so easy for him to had moved on after being together 6 years that he had to be cheating in order to been with someone else already ! He said he didn’t cheat , &’ that he doesn’t have someone else that why would he had cheat if I was everything he looked in someone he was like idk why I’m telling you this if you don’t believe me but I know he has someone else idk why he has to lie about we kept going back in forth and he said he already told me he wasn’t with someone else etc. And tbh I knew he was lying so I didn’t want to continue texting him so then he kept asking about the papers he was going to sign and I didn’t respond ...later that night he was like I’m going by tomarrow night to drop of some of your things and to sign the paperwork and last time I remember when I told y’all in my other post I went to his house to get my stuff I got it and I don’t remember leaving anything . So idk why his saying his going to drop off some of my things idk what to do ?