Family photo outfit


Y'all I'm so nervous about my family photos this year. I don't know why. I just want them to be perfect. Sorry my comforter kinda blends with the outfits. What y'all think?? My 3 year olds dress was what inspired these colors. It was given to her for her birthday and I instantly knew she was going to wear it for this.

Update: Thanks ladies!! But I'm still not 100% on my white pants. With white we all know you literally see everything. I think im going to look for a different outfit or maybe different white pants. I just had my baby 9 weeks ago and my body isnt the same. Im super self conscious right now.

2nd update:i just changed my outfit and boots. I feel very comfortable and confident in this outfit!! Thank you ladies!

8/25 update: Y'all my photographer canceled because her son is sick!(her husband and her dad are there to take care of her son,but i guess not) I am literally in tears. I'm so fustrated and its selfish of me to feel this way. My husband gets his hair cut like 4 times a year lol. Money and his time on that(at least he looks good) I got my nails done money on that. The time i spent on getting the girls pulled together. Never mind my friggen worries about the photos. I get a text 6 hours before we were supposed to do the photos. I already put in to much time and money and i havent even paid for photos yet. Summer is a very busy time for us, planning is big for us during the summer. she asked to reschedule in 2 weeks but then my husband would need another hair cut, my nails would need to be redone, we are wearing white and it will be mid september. Probably snowing knowing my luck. I asked to do an evening shoot instead of weekend and she picked the 1 day my husband had plans. (To go out to the lake with the boat with his guy friends, keep in mind season is almost over so i dont want to cancel those plans on him)Ughhhh. 😭😡😭😡 im selfish i know. Y'all i just need a mommy-cation😭😭😭 she is also my baby sitter so i need to keep myslef in check. I wish i wasnt so effing pissed at this, how dumb.