Arrived at hospital on 8/14/2019 @4:30 Got checked in and taken back to room 2 at 6pmGiven cervadill...

Brandi • Just your average wife and FTM! 💕 Taking it one day at a time🙏🏼

Arrived at hospital on 8/14/2019 @4:30 

Got checked in and taken back to room 2 at 6pm

Given cervadille @7pm 

Watched the princess and the frog 🐸 👑 

Finally started to get contractions at about 8pm 

Was given pain meds at 12 or 12:30 

That made me feel drunk 😂 yet so good at the same time 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

I slept till about 2:30, then dad had to help me get up and walk me to the restroom, because like I said, the pain meds made me feel drunk... literally! I couldn’t walk straight 😅

It is now 3am and I am trying to go back to sleep, but the pain meds are wearing off, and these contractions are killer in my back and hips!! 

Moms contractions were so bad she was starting to cry. So dad had the nurse come in to check on her. 

She was only dilated to a 3, ALMOST a 4 so the nurse decided at 4:20 am to remove the cervadille, and call the anesthesiologist to have them give mom an epidural ! 

Now we just have to wait for her! 

Dr. Casey was awesome! She gave me the epidural , and we had s few issues of where the placement should be, but we finally got it, and I’m feeling so much better! 

I threw up a bunch of liquid, which they said would be normal . It was just unexpected... 

We got the catheter in, because I can’t tell when I need to use the restroom 🤦🏻‍♀️ it was a bit uncomfortable, but I’m glad it’s all over with for now! 

It is now almost 6am, and they started the pitocin, which means you will be here at some point today! We are so excited! 💕💕💕

Mimi and pawpaw came to the hospital to take daddy to breakfast! At about 7:20 am, you decided it was time to break my water! Your heart rate went a little funny, but then it went back to normal. 

It was such a weird feeling! I heard a pop, and then BAM here came the waterfall, lol

Mrs. Sandra checked me, and I am only 4cm dilated! But you will be here sometime today! 

Daddy, Mimi, and pawpaw are downstairs eating, so make sure to take your time little one! 💕 

Let momma get some rest ❤️

7:40 am: Dr. Burzinski came in and visited! She looked over all of your heart rates and said we will keep a close eye on them! She seemed a little concerned, but not too much... now, we play the waiting game! 

8:45am dr.burzinski came in and checked me, and we are at a 5! Ms.Sandra said we should progress pretty fast from here, but boy oh boy am I tired... 

At 11:33am you graced us with your presence! 💕 

All 6.5lbs and 18.5inches! You made your way into this world, and into the hearts of everyone who was in the room! Delivery was a little difficult for mom, but once she got the hang of it, it only took 3 pushes! Thank the lord I didn’t need stitches!! 

You are the most beautiful thing god has created, and we are so blessed to be called your parents! 

Sadie Lynel Atchley 💕