Something wrong with me???

yasmin • FTM. Baby boy 07/30/19💙👣

2+4 I gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy. Since I have been home from the hospital its like I couldn't want to distance myself farther from my SO. Any time he's in the room I feel annoyed and have this resentment towards him. I don't want to be touched at all from him most of the time. Not even to hug or hold his hand. I hardly talk to him N pull myself away. When he's not here I want him to be N miss him but when he is I'd rather him be somewhere else. I can't seem to find a reason y I feel this way. We've had our problems before n we've talked them out. Its unlike me to pull away like this. But I can't seem to pull myself back in. I know low sex drive to no sex drive is common postpartum. But I don't think feeling all this resentment towards my SO is. I feel awful and want to be close with him. Has anyone else experienced this before? Any advice?