Late and still negative.



I posted previously about spotting 11 days exact from when I ovulated. I spotted very lightly, to the point where I didn’t need a panty liner and it was only there SOMETIMES when I wiped.

My period is now 17 days late, but I’m still getting a negative test. I have the nausea, the tender breast, and I’m super tired. My fiancé, family and friends keep telling me “are you sure you aren’t pregnant? We’re catching the vibe” as this would be my 3rd so they knows how I’ve acted.

My doctor ran test thinking it was possibly something else that caused the spotting, and she said everything came back fine. We’re stumped. Negative test. All the symptoms, even as far as a late period.

She told me “maybe your body hasn’t released enough hormone to be able to get a positive test yet” which, could be the case because with my other 2 pregnancies, I didn’t produce enough HCG till between 6-8 weeks for a positive.

Any thoughts? this is just discouraging.