Finally a bfp


Hi my husband and I have tried for 17 1/2 yes to conceive and we went through a lot I had cancer and it seemed like my body just failed me for yrs, I have had doctors tell me that I was too fat and they would not help me conceive, I was 800lbs due to the fact I didn’t know I had hypothyroidism since very early in life about the age of 11, and I have always been accused of eating too much by my doctors found out I had thyroid cancer and I was hypothyroid at the same time and I have pcos and was told I’d never have children so disappointing so I lost weight and I spent ten yrs being sick surgery after surgery so much then I decided to switch drs and I’m with the best right now he listened to me and helped guide me so now my a1c is perfect my thyroid levels are perfect and my overall health is very very good and I am 4 weeks pregnant. I seen fertility drs and they prescribed letrazole and on the first round of taking them I am finally finally PREGNANT. So just to give someone a little hope if needed.