Couldn’t Arouse Her From Sleep


Updated in comments

So I plan to call the pediatrician on Monday about this, but I had a big scare in the car tonight. My daughter fell asleep with her head slouched a little forward but mostly to the side. I have a mirror by which I can see her, and when I saw her head position I reached back to adjust her head so it was further back. When I do this, she stirs. But this time, she did not stir. So I moved her head again, and then again, and then again… I was moving her head back-and-forth all around, saying her name really loudly and she was not waking up or stirring in the slightest (I wasn’t shaking her, just FYI. No shaken baby stuff going on). I tried to put my finger in front of her nose to feel she was breathing, and I could not definitively say that I felt breath, but I was also kind of panicking by this time. I was prodding around her chest and neck trying to feel pulse, still none of this arousing her. I had to pull over on the side of the highway and when I did, and went around to her side of the car, she did wake up and was panicked and sort of shaking and like she didn’t understand where she was or what was going on for a second before returning to normal. This is the second time something like this has happened in the car. The first time, even after I stopped the car and was shaking her foot and flicking her foot and saying her name really loudly and trying to wake her, I could not wake her until finally my dog in the back hatch of the car started barking at something and it woke her up. Both times it took like a solid minute or two before she awoke. And note: she didn’t move AT ALL that I know of. She was just limp. She almost always flinches or wiggles or SOMETHING when I even barely touch her. Let alone going crazy moving her and trying to get her to wake up. No movement at all.

Is this normal??