Anyone went through this?


I am not assuming anything with this post. However, I need a little input.

Last month we got 4 + hcg then from then the results went back to clear negative with a couple of very faint positives since then until today.

So I'm beginning to experience regular nausea. My breast leak ( nothing major) with stimulation. No pregnancies in 23 years. My tummy is hard and I can feel my uterus way high. My temps have remained up and since last months cycle I didn't have any this month. Except for when I wiped and at the end of this"cycle" brownish slimey goo.

At this point is when the goo stopped. I started having increased nausea and adversions.

I have tested so much that it's really disheartening. Because in my heart of hearts I feel pregnant.

I have started noticing flutters who makes no sense. But I know this is not my waste aka poop!

I have wondered if after reading up some, if it's possible to have an undetected or undetectable hcg.

I am aware I cases where hcg isn't produced when the mother is in extreme distress or if there is a genetic fluke. I have also read up that sometimes it's possible for embroys to not need the hcg to remain viable and that under distress sometimes an embryo won't produce it because it's safer for the mother to remain unaware and the baby can stay safe in their nest.

I'm not saying this is what is happening...however, I KNOW something is.

So next steps will be bloods and ultrasound.

With all that being said. I'm looking for anyone who either didn't produce hcg until late in pregnancy or none at all.

If you have experienced anything similar, please drop your comments and experience!

I'm trying to come with any information I can to get all info I can before I decide which direction to take.

Thanks ladies!