Is it normal?

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I had a HELL day today. It was supposed to be my relaxing weekend before I go to work next Monday but no, I was/am still in so much pain all day to the point where I’m not really myself. Ok, I’m 32w5d, will be 33w tomorrow. I have been having a lot of cramps like if I’m having period, it was on and off through the day. Also, I have been having a dull pain in my back too, on and off all day as well. Also, I felt my stomach tightened a couple of times and it’d last for like 3-5 minutes, on and off all day too.

Is it normal?? Or not really?? For 32 weeks pregnancy. Of course, I’m going to ER tomorrow in the morning. I just want to know about it being normal or not, that’s all. Thank you for your patience!


I’m not going into ER but L&D instead the first thing in the morning tomorrow. Thank you for all your helpful advises! I feel that have an OB check me out will help assure my fears of preterm labor even though it may be BH which is I hope it’s the case!