For my next car, I want a Jeep.

Its not about what I’ve heard about jeeps it’s my experience.

I was riding passenger in a Jeep when the driver passed out from low blood sugar with his foot hard on the gas and we slammed 45-50 miles per hour into a brick wall. It felt like.. “boop”

None of us were injured, not even slightly injured. Of course we all had our seat belts on or that would have been way worse but you get me. I had slight seat belt bruises but that was it. The only people who were freaking out where the people who witnessed the accident and came running and looked at us like we were crazy when we all stepped out alive and well from a completely totaled vehicle. Uhhh, I take that back because this was the day I decided I hated my sos brothers now ex because she was screaming at him saying “you ruined my car!” While he was still slumped over and had no worry about him whatsoever. Just cared about her car. The driver was my sos brother and he was completely fine after getting is sugar up and we were all fine. And sometimes after an accident you don’t feel how sore you are until later, nope. That never happened none of us were ever sore. Obviously jeeps are sturdy as shit, and now it’s my next car. I won’t get anything else lol

It was a wrangler