I know I'm posting a lot lately


It's probably getting old but I need advice. Three of my friends who have no connection to each other all agree I should go out of town for a second opinion.

I have been having chest pains lately. They said it's the pregnancy and the extra blood in the artery's and stuff. Okay cool. I had contractions last Monday. Two minutes apart and I couldn't feel them. I was in the hospital for a really really bad migraine that they couldn't even get under control. So they stopped my contractions because at the time I was 34 weeks and 5 days. I ended up have a total of 3 other nonstress tests done last week. The last one I had showed low variability in her heartrate. Meaning it wasn't spiking high or low. It was staying around the same place. 138-142-152. No higher no lower.. they wanted two big spikes in 20 minutes. They got two in an hour and said that was good enough for them. So, today I'm doing a little more research trying to figure out if they're okay with my results then why do I need another NST this Thursday. I've had watery diarrhea off and on since last night. So I'm pretty sure I'm dehydrated. I've had more mucus plus come out but nothing with blood or anything yet. Just the yellow gross stuff that my doctor has no concern about that I've been losing since 28 weeks. My gut has been telling me for over a week now that something is wrong.. but the doctors won't tell me anything. They say everything is normal nothing to worry about. I just want to know if I should get a second opinion a few counties over or just trust my doctor's here.. I live in a small town where not many people trust our hospital/doctor's. A lot of people travel to the next county or two counties over. I mentioned this to my mom and my mil and they both tell me to go to Columbus (two counties over). But I'm TERRIFIED of wasting people's time...