Is it too late?

My daughter is 8 months old, almost 9, and I finally feel like I’ve hit rock bottom and have admitted that emotionally I need help. I’ve always had pretty bad social anxiety but I feel like motherhood has exacerbated that and at times I’m worried I have some underlying symptoms of depression as it runs in my family. My biggest thing since having my daughter is that I continuously feel lonely and like my “tribe” has abandoned me. To make matters worse I moved to be with her father so I’ve left all my friends behind, none of his friends have kids, and I’m finding it extremely hard to make meaningful connections with other moms. I want to find a therapist or counselor who is focused on TALKING and helping me work through things and I’d feel more comfortable talking to someone who specializes in perinatal and postpartum emotions... but now I’m worried that I’ve waited too long to get help and that I’ll instead just be referred to a doctor who will be quick to pull out a ‘script pad and start prescribing things without actually getting to know me.

This is the part of motherhood no one prepared me for.