I don't know


Ok ladies my period was suppose to be this past Sunday the 18th. No symptoms or signs of my period. No PMS or anything I only been having very light clear sticky discharge then goes dry then sticky. I took a test Monday the 19th and a negative. My husband and I have been trying for baby #2 for 4 years and gave up June of this year.

This morning according to Glow and Ovia app I'm 3 days late. My cycle has been on point of 31 days but February it was 37 day cycle. I'm thinking im having another 37 day cycle just out of the blue. This morning still no sign of period but I got yellow discharge this morning when wiping. Now my husband asked me are you feeling anything? I said no just tired as normal. He mentioned that with our first I had zero symptoms and was 7 days late on my period. I told him I'd b shocked if I were pregnant and I dont even know when I ovulated to be honest. I dont ladies what do you think? I also will not take another test until Sunday. Negative tests are normal for me and I'm tired of being upset about it. I guess we shall see.