belly button piercing pain?

I have been wanting to get my belly button pierced for awhile but i’ve been worried about the pain. I’ve heard multiple people tell me it doesn’t hurt and then i’ve had people tell me that it hurts and tbh idk what to think. (i know it matters about your pain tolerance and stuff but i just need some help lol) My bf and i went yesterday to get his ears pierced and there were belly button rings there and he bought some for me that i liked to help motivate me to go get it done, he even offered to pay for it!! i’m just so conflicted because i don’t know what to do. i’m 20 yrs old and have my cartilage pierced in two spots and then i have four holes pierced on my lobes and then i have 3 piercings on my mid on the other ear (so i have a good amount of ear piercings) Idk if those can be compared to pain wise or what. i have the perfect belly button to get it done i’m just scared about the pain and how to care for it. i think it also scares me that they are using a straight up needle and clamp and stuff rather then a piercing gun. so if any of you could help and let me know how it feels and how to care for it and what to be prepared for or just any tips then that would really help!!

-my bf and i plan to go tonight but idk if i’ll chicken out or not but if i do go get it done i’ll definitely post an update post to this!


i got it done!! and it def didn’t feel good but i got through it lol i’m so happy!!!