Need advice

So I don’t think I’m pregnant, but if I was it would be the worlds biggest miracle. I’m on bc (never miss the pill and always on time) and we use condoms and he pulls out. I’m just now starting to get comfortable with sex and believing that It’s very unlikely I get pregnant every time we have sex. So last month I didn’t get my period (took a test and it was negative) and my doctor said I probably wouldn’t be getting a period.

I don’t like not having one so I switched bc’s this last Saturday. I had sex (fully protected) on August 11. My hips have been having weird aches and I think I keep making up that there is added pressure where my uterus should be. Would I be feeling anything yet? Also, since I didn’t get my period (was supposed to August 3 through the 9) that means that my uterus lining was really thin. Even if something crazy did happen and a sperm met one of my eggs it wouldn’t have been able to attach right? Am I being paranoid. I have no other symptoms other then my hips hurting really.