Pregnant on Nexplanon?!?!


Ok so I already have one beautiful baby boy. And I got Nexplanon implanted after the postpartum date. Well my breast been sore for about a week now and I just thought my husband had played rough with them you know LOL. Until this week I was getting nauseous and I thought maybe it was just all the Mexican food and stuff that we have been having over the weekend from his families get together‘s. So I didn’t think anything of it and the last two days I have been sick. So I asked my husband hey can we just get a pregnancy test just to be sure because we had already had a miscarriage on Nexplanon and it devastated me and I don’t want to have another. So We got clear blue not the electric type and I Peed on one last night and it came out negative . Well I thought maybe that was it well this morning I decided hey let me take another one because I just got up and the morning P is always the best to P on the stick well I did and faint line came up I don’t know if you guys can see it but I want to know your advice!!