SPD/Pelvic girdle pain, 32 wks + 1


Has anyone else been diagnosed with SPD/Pelvic girdle pain and been put on bed rest?

2 weeks ago is when it really started. I purchased a belly support brace and it has been extremely painful in the last several days. I can feel the bones sliding, and at times it feels like the bones are going to push through my skin. It even HURTS to wipe when I pee (not like a bladder infection pain, just my crotch area is extremely sore!)

I'm 32 weeks + 1 and I see my OB on Friday. I'm wondering if she will suggest bed rest. My commute to work is almost 1.5hrs each way + an 8.5hr work day. It's becoming unbearably painful to sit, stand, walk at the office 😢☹