Our baby just fell down the stairs because he wasn’t watching him!!!! Apparently it’s MY fault?

I told my boyfriend to watch our 11 month old for a bit..I wanted to shower. He said no and I did it anyways (I’m having trouble with him helping me so I decided to just force him). He ended up coming upstairs and yelling at me. I told him I’ll be there in a second and he better make sure he watched our son as he will climb the stairs (we don’t have a gate yet as he literally started crawling a week ago). I went to the washroom to brush my teeth and all I hear is screaming and yelling and cursing. He was calling me a bitch and all this shit. As he was coming up the stairs I heard my son screaming crying and him just going off...he starts pounding on the bathroom door calling me a selfish bitch saying I always leave and because of me he fell down the stairs.

I’m like are you fucking kidding me? First off I told you to fucking watch him? He can’t do that for 5 minutes? Second, I never get to do anything I want when I want...I cook, clean, do laundry, bathe him, feed him, etc etc etc!!!!! I will admit I’ll be like “watch him for a sec for me” while I put a load of laundry in, or I go pee, or run upstairs for something...but that’s IT. So I told him don’t blame me for this, this is your fault. You’re not watching him. He continues to yell while my son continues to cry I told him to stop yelling in front of our son...it’s making the situation worse on him. He’s scared. He needs comfy. Anyways it became very toxic very fast with us just screaming and swearing at each other. I told him to leave and not come back, and he left.

I’m so so angry with him. On top of it our AC isn’t working so I have an extra cranky baby that’s hot. I can’t believe him. I honestly want to scare him that I’m leaving him, but I can’t really do that. He will laugh. I can’t afford anything. I don’t work at the moment. I don’t have my license. I’m a real stay at home mama 😂plus I don’t have a good relationship with my family so I can’t go anywhere. He hardly ever helps me and when he does I have to fucking kiss the ground he walks on. He legitimately thinks everything is my job because he physically works outside of the house. Any advice on how what I should do/say if/when he comes back? He’s one to apologize and make me feel bad and then obviously do it again a few weeks later. Also, with my son, his face is red and he’s a bit crankier than nothing but I think he’s okay. Anything I should watch out for?

Ugh what a shitty day!

At least I get to snuggle up with my baby 🥰