Babies middle name after husbands crush

My husband and I bumped into an old friend of my husbands, and we have our daughter with us so he asked her name and when I told him he made a weird face and asked my husband "is her middle name after *blank?" And my husband started to look really uncomfortable and cut our exchange with his friend short after that. After I pestered him about what his friend was talking about he caved. The girl he is referring to is someone who only thought of my husband as a friend but he was always in love with her I guess. Now I'm super pissed at him and can barely look at him. He originally wanted that to be her first name but I hadn't wanted that her first, but I'm just super pissed he wanted to name our baby after someone he was in love with. Am I overreacting? I don't even know where to start with him, now I feel like he's possibly still in love with her?