i couldn’t get it to go in 😬😒

the more i think about this the more embarrassing it is, but here we go—

i hung out with this guy i’ve had my eyes on for a while last night, and it was honestly a good time and everything felt so right. we ended up hooking up and he asked if i wanted to have sex

i’ve never done it before, but i was down so i told him that. he got the condom on and we tried to go for it but we couldn’t get it to go in

idk if i wasn’t wet enough or he wasn’t hard enough (probably a combination of both tbh) but we gave up and now that i think about it i really wish it worked out

does anyone have advice for how to have a successful first time? we did some foreplay but like lube or just tricks for how to get it in?

we’re hanging out again friday and i want to try again and actually be able to have sex with him but now i’m nervous it won’t work out again :(