Do you have annoying coworkers?


I love my coworkers but some of them are so lazy, it drives me insane!! I work in a group home with 4 mentally disabled individuals. We usually work with 3 CNAS on, sometimes 2. Just by seeing who I’m working with on the schedule I know what kind of day I’m going to have. Some coworkers are great and share an equal amount of responsibilities with you, which makes the night go by smoother, more relaxed and laid back. But tonight I worked with one lazy coworker and I felt like I was by myself the whole time!!!! I literally did everything while she sat on the couch with her feet up, on FaceTime every 2 minutes, spending 20 minutes “smoking a cigarette”... leaving me to balance the needs of 4 individuals (and one is supposed to be a one on one because she’s a high risk) while juggling every single task by myself!!!! I am going to have a talk with her soon because I am not the only one that feels this way. If she doesn’t change I don’t know what I’ll do because I love her but I’m tired of killing myself at work while she relaxes on the couch. If push comes to shove I will have to talk to my manager because we are all getting paid the same I shouldn’t be doing 95% of the work.

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