Shyla • TTC Baby #1 with the love of my life❤️

So the past few days I have been taking tests because I’ve been experiencing symptoms (cramping, spotting, backache, irritability, mood swings, nausea but no vomit, food aversions, and just really intense pain in my stomach some days and other days it’s not as intense) but these are the tests from Friday, Saturday, and this morning. I see faint lines but I’m not trying to get my hopes up because I’m TTC and also I do think my eyes are playing tricks on me but I would really like for you guys to tell me what you see and if I should continue taking tests or wait to take another one later on. I’m just so confused about what’s happening to me, also I would like for mommas who have had babies to tell me some symptoms you had before your BFP!! Thank you in advance for everyone’s help!!❤️❤️ baby dust to everyone TTC❤️❤️

(Here are three different pictures I took today of them I don’t really know if you guys will be able to see what I see Bc I think I might be a little baby crazy lol)