Baby naps terribly at daycare...

Allie • 👦🏼💙*👶🏼💙*and 👶🏼💕 due in April

I have noticed on my son’s daily reports from his daycare that he naps a total of like 1 hour. Today he only napped 30 min total the whole day 😳. Two 15-minute naps.

Anyone else’s baby have this same issue with napping at daycare?

I love his daycare SOOO much otherwise and I work full time, so taking him out of daycare isn’t an option. I’m just worried he isn’t getting enough sleep total (he sleeps about 10-11 hrs per night but they need at least 14 total over 24 hr period at this age.)

Anything I can suggest to the daycare workers to help him nap better? I already leave a pacifier and his blanky in his crib.