How are you supposed to use a flat sheet when you use two separate comforters

My so and i use two separate comforters.

My mom was being nice and bought me new bedsheets just because I mentioned how I wanted to get this certain kind from the store but couldn’t bring myself to buy it so she went and got it for me and I got happy and I put it on and she’s like “what about the flat sheet.” I said “we use two different blankets. A flat sheet is pointless because only I would be using it and it would just be in the way and weird.” And she said “why do you have two different blankets that’s stupid.” And I said “because we both fight over them in our sleep and I was tired of losing the battle so I bought my own blanket.”

“That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard Madison. How do you even make your bed.” 😑 I said “with two comforters instead of one.” She rolled her eyes at me lmao

How is that dumb. If I didn’t get myself a blanket I was going to strangle him with the one he kept stealing from me during the night. I’m just trying to co-exist with a Blanket hog. If I put a flat sheet on our bed it’s going to end up wrapped up around him somehow because I sleep with a 🌪