Family doesn’t like our baby name 😔

I’m sort of just venting here and overly sensitive being 38 weeks pregnant but people (especially my mom and grandma) don’t like our baby name and it makes me really sad. Baby boys name will be Arlo, which my husband and I love and we thought was cute and unique but easy to say/spell, and we are both A’s so wanted an A name. My grandma will say stuff like “how in the world did you come up with that name?” (Found it in a baby name book) “oh so you mean some other poor child has that name too?” My mom says that it sounds “redneck”. I always just respond with “well we like it.” Even random people like coworkers seem to look at me funny when I tell them the name and ask how I came up with it. It’s not like I’m naming my child mcqueefa or something actually ridiculous. I’m not changing the name and i still love it...Just makes me sad that my own family could be so rude about a name.