Advice Please *UPDATE*

I’m 36 weeks and starting yesterday have been having really severe headaches with blurred vision and light sensitivity.

I posted last night in here and was given advice to call my doctor, I did and the on call doctor advised me to go to l&D.

I went- my blood pressure was normal, my urines tests came back normal, they said my hemoglobin was a little low and told me to go home and call my doctor to follow up.

Called my dr today, he had me take a fecal test, put me on iron supplements twice a day, and gave me a medicine for dizziness as needed.

Fast forward to now, I woke up

From another excruciating headache- the kind where you literally can’t function (I NEVER get headaches either) I took a Tylenol and it still hasn’t gone away, and I’m having sharp abdominal pains but don’t feel the baby moving around (so I don’t think her kicking is causing it)

I put another call in to my dr, but they take hours to get back and I’m tired of going to L&D and everyone thinking I’m crazy :(

Please give advice, or tell me something I can do to help these symptoms


I went to L&D, the on call doctor has decided to keep me overnight and have me meet with the high risk doctors in the morning. No more food or water.

My BP was normal, urine normal, and blood work normal other than low iron yesterday, and today my BP is normal (still waiting on a repeat blood test and urine)

Thank you all for the advice, I definitely feel I’ve made the right decision in coming.