Itty bitty 🙄

Breana • Pregnant with my first & rainbow! EDD 12.8.19 🌈 Miscarried 12.14.18 👼🏼

So I hate going to work, literally a few weeks shy of third trimester and everybody saying to me “you don’t look pregnant”... that’s hurtful just as bad. Or somebody saying “oh yeah she’s gunna be small”... like it’s kind of hurtful I’m sorry I can’t grow bigger?

I met a guest at my job yesterday who was 8 weeks pregnant with a bigger bump than me at 25 weeks ☹️ doctor doesn’t seem concerned about me being little but geez it doesn’t help when people look at me like I’m stupid when I say I’m pregnant 🙄

Not to mention big boobs does not help 😂