How would you feel ?

I’ve been dating this guy for a little while now and we’re both pretty open with each other. He said that when we started talking he stopped talking to other girls because he wanted to see where things went with us. About a week ago, a girl he used to go out with messaged him out of the blue complaining about her ex and how he keeps deleting the guy I’m dating off her accounts. Again, my bf was open with me about it and even showed me the conversation (not that I asked to see it).

Last night he passed out and I went to plug in his phone to charge when I just had a feeling I should check to see if they had talked again cuz his ex girlfriends keep trying to get back with him ever since finding out about me.

So I noticed they had recently added each other on Snapchat and the conversation from earlier that day was saved. THEY WERE TOTALLY FLIRTING WITH EACH OTHER. Calling each other cute and shit. Just 100% flirting and not once in any of their chats did he mention me. Their first conversation (the one he showed me) when they were exchanging pleasantries she asked how he’d been (we had been dating for almost a month) and he replied with “I’ve been better”. WTF? You’ve been better... do I not make you happy?

I also found other messages to other girls where he called them gorgeous and whatnot. Mind you, I’m all for uplifting women but I think it’s inappropriate to msg a girl you don’t know and tell her that she’s hot WHEN YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.

I just feel really disappointed and upset because he has always gone on about how all his ex’s cheated on him and he hates cheating and inappropriate behaviour so I feel like he’s being a hypocrite.

And I’m unsure if I should talk to him about it cuz I’d rather not admit that I creeped his phone (even tho I clearly had a right to be suspicious).

Btw I’m 20, he’s 25