Why didn’t they tell us it was so hard?


Okay, sooo I started opk’s this week. I started testing on Friday the 23nd *my period ended on the 19th, started the 16th* I Always have a consistent/regular 4 day period, so I figured this month I get some opks and speed things along ya know? So, like everyone else I’ve tested everyday.. now Glow has predicted that I’m in my “fertile” week and I ovulate on the 29th with that being said my opk tests have not changed in the least, like it looks the same today as the did 5/6 days ago.. is that normal? I assumed that the closer to ovulation the darker the line would get but it hasn’t changed at all.. I guess my question is, is that normal? If I test super negative today could I miraculously test positive on Thursday? Ugh, why did they teach us getting pregnant was so easy?! I’ve attached a Picture of my glow calendar if that helps at all. May I note; My husband travels a lot, so we find time when we can (😉) with that being said this whole week we’ve been

together so, that’s why I got those because, that most-likely won’t happen again for a few months.

TIA friends.

*** I do want to add about 75% of the time, I don’t long our BDs so, there more than what it looks like lol***