A string for "Tips that work for you"


I have relied heavily on friends that have babies to help me with new things to try when I hit a roadblock or need something new to try (for sleep, crying, naps, witching hour, feeding, etc.) and it has helped me tremendously.

So I thought we could just keep this string going for tips that we could all share on what's worked for you just to get some new ideas shared for that mom who has tried it all but maybe hasn't thought of X, Y, Z.

Mine - 4 weeks old

Witching hour happens from 9pm to 12am but I found that my glider chair and going for a drive in the car have pulled him out of it.

Sleep: I lightly press my finger tips to my son's forehead helps him fall asleep in minutes. I stay consistent with this every time I lay him down at bed time and it works for me.